Mukunda Dasa


    Sri Mukunda acted as the royal physician to Emperor Hussain Shah. Upon seeing a shimmering peacock fan waving before the king, he fell down in ecstasy. Seeing the peacock feathers flooded the pure heart of Mukunda with overwhelming memories of Lord Sri Krishna.

    Sri Caitanya once jokingly asked Mukunda, "Who is the father and who is the son?"

    Mukunda replied, "My son, Raghunandana, is actually the father because through him I have understood Krishna conscious­ness. Therefore, he is my real father."

    Lord Caitanya confirmed his realization, "Yes, whoever give us Kzishna-bhakti is our guru and our real father."

    To expand the preaching in Sri Khanda, Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu assigned different duties to the Sarakara family. Mukunda Sarakara, working as a doctor already, was told to make money, follow the regulative principles, and increase his spiritual wealth. Narahari Sarakara Thakura was ordered to stay with the Lord's devotees and preach Krishna consciousness. Raghunandana, Mukunda's son, was asked to worship the family Deity of Sri Caitanya Deva. By this pastime Lord Gaurasundara teaches that by different activities everyone can engage in the service of Lord Krishna.

    Mukunda Dasa serves Radha-Murlimanohara as Vrnda-devi in Vraja Gokula.

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