Mukunda Datta

    Sri Mukunda Datta was Sri Nimai Pandit's classmate at Ganga Dasa's tol (school). Mukunda had a melodious voice and he knew the intricacies of musical meters and ragas. His sweet kirtana would please all the Vaisnavas at Navadvipa. Tuning in to Lord Gaura's heart, he would sing songs matching Lord Gauranga's feelings. Lord Caitanya took sannyasa amidst Mukunda's kirtana. He served Sri Caitanya in Puri as one of the Lord's humblest followers.

    Once at the house of Srivasa Pandit Lord Caitanya blessed all the devotees except Mukunda. Mahaprabhu overlooked him be­cause he had offended Bhakti Devi (who gives devotional service). Mukunda placed her on an equal level with karma, jnana, or even Mayavada philosophy whenever he talked to followers of those paths. Acting like a chameleon, Mukunda would glorify bhakti to bhaktas, and then debate useless mundane topics with karmis (nondevotees). And with Mayavadis he discussed impersonalism.

    Mukunda chose suicide as atonement for his serious offense to Bhakti Devi. He asked Lord Caitanya if he would again receive His mercy in a future life. "You will receive My mercy," said Lord Caitanya, "after passing one million births."

    Happy to know he would someday get Mahaprabhu's mercy, Mukunda jumped up and down shouting, "Only a million births, only a million births!"

    Lord Caitanya's heart melted upon seeing Mukunda's devo­tion and determination. The Lord blessed and accepted Mukunda, "By your faith and conviction in My words all your offenses have been immediately destroyed."

In Krishna lila he is Madhukantha, a person with a honey sweet throat, a sweet singer.

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