The Vedic Friends Association provides a free affiliation for helping each person understand, practice and promote the Universal Truths found in Vedic Dharma, the ancient knowledge of India. In this way we explore its spiritual, social and scientific dimensions for the benefit of all. And we invite you to participate.

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      Vedic culture is the world’s most ancient and largest, continuous spiritual tradition. It is the most globally powerful indigenous civilization left on Earth, still practiced by over a billion people. The Vedic tradition is based on Universal Truths of Dharma or natural laws that are applicable for anyone, at any time in history and anywhere in the world. Much tradition and evidence indicates that Vedic culture, with Sanskrit as the primal language, was the original universal culture beyond the many other traditions that later developed throughout the world.

      The Vedic Friends Association (VFA) is a free organization with no fee required for joining. It provides contact for like-minded people of any background who want to reach a higher level of understanding and insight through the study and practice of the timeless Vedic wisdom. It is meant to provide a variety of information and activities for personal and social development at many levels. The VFA welcomes all people to learn and participate in whatever level of interest a person has in Vedic culture and its uplifting path. The VFA is based on Self-realization and a rational approach. Its activities are founded on voluntary service, a spiritual orientation, ethical principles, and are peaceful in nature as prescribed in the Vedic science.   

        The VFA also aims to help unite those who are already practicing or teaching various aspects of the Vedic system in a new level of cooperation for helping spread the genuine knowledge that the Vedic culture has always provided, and to present solutions for many of the world's problems. Be sure to check out our Affiliate Writers and Teachers listed on the Vedic Friends Association web site. We are networking with a growing number of people from varied backgrounds or schools of thought, and who are experienced in various aspects of Vedic study. These include writers, authors, researchers, lecturers, musicians, artists, Vedic astrologers, Ayurvedic practitioners, vegetarian cooks, and more, all of whom can make informative presentations in their fields. Many have years worth of experience and have done radio and television shows, or extensively traveled on lecture tours. They can give interviews, provide presentations, and teach people more about their field of Vedic study. If you are interested, their contact information is supplied. 

        The Vedic Friends Association invites you to participate with our network and gain access to new friends and contacts of a similar mind and interest. If you are spiritually inclined and looking for a deeper understanding of life, the universe, or your real identity and relation with the Supreme, then the VFA will be something of which you will want to be a part. If you are interested in studying the Vedic sciences or the history of Vedic culture, then the VFA can help provide you with assistance in this way. Feel free to read the pages of the website and get a better understanding of the purpose of the VFA and how you may benefit by adding yourself to this association. Then be sure to contact us for further participation. There is much that we hope to offer you.

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